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Hanging on the telephone

Do you jump every time your landline rings and struggle to find the phone, after all who uses their landline? Who remembers pay phones? You know those tell-tale rectangular red boxes which were the most common in a pre-digital age, which were once positioned frequently across cities and towns and even local neighbourhoods for your […]

A saint and dragon

Happy St George’s day! Today is the one day of the year, apart from major football and rugby tournaments, when you are guaranteed to see English flags flying proudly across the country. St George is most famously forever consigned to legend, as being the soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved […]

No one likes the blame game!

How often have you been tempted to blame someone or something else for a mistake you’ve made? At some point, we’ve all done it… even if it’s just a teeny weeny little white lie! However, the bottom line is the truth will always come out. So, no matter how bad a situation is, be bold, […]

Nothing much in life is free!

Remember the joys of flying when seat allocation was free? Now, whichever airline you choose, be sure that your favourite seat is an added extra fee which will almost certainly leave you feeling very woe is me. As far as I can see, the cost of travelling no frills just became extremely frilly to me! […]