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Must be June in the UK!

The second week of June and you’ve arrived, and here we are the third day, the weathermen say you’re determined to stay, and all with Wimbledon just a few weeks away, could you come back some other day! Despite the downpour we’ll continue on our way, soggy but not defeated we will work and play […]

Rest, Relax and have fun!

Bank holidays come but 8 times a year and each time they do they bring mini holiday cheer! Rest and relaxation or DIY or indeed planning and taking holidays far and wide. And when the weekend is over, and we’re no longer free to be a roamer, we return to work dragging our feet like […]

Ignore your critics

Go on admit it you love receiving the odd compliment or three, but I bet you actually remember any criticisms you may have received much more easily. Well, being aware of your challenges is important, however what it doesn’t do is help improve your performance. Instead criticism makes us retreat, put up defenses not to […]

Is social media the changing faces of advertising and sales?

What does social media mean to you? Any of you or all of you? User’s, audience or brands?  Some believe that social media is merely the paid for opinion of children… With over 20 million accounts appearing across a platform that promotes any kind of image, kids’ opinions or not, with followers over 100 million […]

Money, money, money.... in a start-up world!

There are many difficult factors in running a real business your own real business but far and away one of the most stressful aspect is the money. Quite honestly when the shine of the initial stages of funding wear off well quite simply there is often never enough money! Every single month you have to […]